Ode to Love and will you be my valentine?

February 14, 2018


Dear love,

You are a need of which there should be no need,

for you are free and infinite. 

You flow from depths unseen. 

Your power Is unrivalled and your beauty is supreme. 

You soar in endless abundance.

You can change the world with a silent whisper, 

a life with a single touch. 

You can stop a war with a thought and extend to every corner of the earth in an instant.

You can be held but never chained. 

You can be poured but never emptied.

We are made from love to extend love. It is in giving love that I find more love and yet here used to lie my fear of love. Not so much would I ever find love but rather how do I give love? The fear that comes from doubt, how will this love be received? The fear that comes from a possible rejection, if I share this love will I lose this love? In giving love does it disappear?

Love asks for vulnerability, or does it? When anything is freely given, it asks for nothing in return. And so perhaps with love this holds true as well. If I have not held on to it, then how can it hurt me? If by extension it grows stronger and more vibrant then why do I fear its release?  It is in its freedom, that it can expand and soar without restriction.

The fear comes when I confuse the extension of love with asking another to judge the worthiness of my love. I love you, do you love me? The confusion of what my  love is. Is it me or a gift from me? Is love all of me or a thought from me? The illusion that the extension of love has a destination as opposed to a life of its own.

In learning to love myself, I discovered this truth. I am the first love that I turn to, or away from. I make every decision on how I Process information. What I choose to allow to grow inside me, is what I will have to share. Should I fill my heart with anger and resentments, then anger and resentments will come out. Should I judge myself unworthy then so shall the world. Not because they said it to be true, but because I told them so.

When I made the choice to seek beauty, I started to find it everywhere. As I began the journey to find love in all of its forms, I discovered magic and miracles. I realized it was the one thing that transcended

Love is all of us and that is my Kumbaya love story for today.

Love and hugs to all xoxo.








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