Hi, my name is Wendy and this is my blog.

My goal is to keep this positive, to fill this space with positive thoughts and energy. At present there is no matrix, no agenda, it will evolve, just as the world does, just as I have.

The average life in days is 27,375, I have used over 19,070 of mine. Most of them passed without thinking, just living, just doing what we humans do. But the last 600 or so have been pretty amazing and that is how I want the rest of my days to be, special, worth while and amazing.

I have rediscovered choice, choosing to live life in a better place, it really is that simple! Well, maybe a little bit more involved. I have chosen to revisit my internal programming, that thought process that dismisses so much based on “been there done that”. Or the other thought process of being stuck in what we were trained to believe. I am doing it all again, revisiting everything, but this time I am not racing full speed ahead or approaching situations with preconceived ideas. Nope, this time, this little mind of mine is viewing life with a filter on the ego. It does not matter what the world thinks, it only matters what the soul thinks.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not by any means dismissing logic or the brain in my head. I am as you should know part Vulcan, or at least it seemed that way growing up. I never met a situation I could not analyze a dozen ways nor a problem that I didn’t think had a better solution. I also had huge issues with accepting anything was impossible or that just because we always did something a certain way, did not make it the right way……Actually, for everyones safety I think it best I not share too much of what transpires in this brain of mine. I mention all of this only to emphasize that I am not by nature part of the granola crowd but I am at present studying their ways.

In fact I am studying everything. I am studying religion, spiritualism, new ageism, totems, chakras, astrology and facebookism. Without stigmas, without judgement, without preconceived ideas I am looking at everything through a lens of love and hope and possibilities. I would love to live more intuitively, to learn to trust and follow my instincts more. I truly do believe that we as a group conscience are evolving, and right now, this is where my passion lies, our spiritual evolution.

I am passionate about life and writing, I want to make a difference. Not change the world, I put that thought process behind me a long time ago, today I quite love the world. No, I am discovering the beauty inside all of us just needs to live free. Free will, without judgment, that is my guiding light. The right to self determination, who am I and where is the ground I was meant to dance on.