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How Do Wars Start?

February 15, 2016

To me it is so simple, it is either the desire to own another mans house or the need to control or condemn another mans actions, nothing more basic than that.

So how have we evolved?

We elect governments that take no issue with robbing from Peter to pay Paul.

Governments that no longer exist to be Caesar but rather we have elected them to play God, to rule over us and not for us.

Not only do we insist on controlling the actions of others, now we pass laws to control their thoughts. We are no different than our ancestors, we are burning witches at the stake. We are dismissing the voices of others as we come to believe that we know best. We attempt to control through corrupt marketing and laws that will place us back in bondage.

Perhaps if everyone worked on tending to their own souls, there would be no more wars?

Free Will and the right to self determination, each one of us searching, each one of us unique. Our commonality is we all share this single entitlement, the right to self determination.

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