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Birthing God

May 18, 2021

I have not been sick in over 7 years. I choose not to allow my ego to walk me down that path of emotional disappointment manifesting into illness. I focus my thoughts on being grateful for my health and imagine my mind healing whatever might need attention. I discovered the more I say I don’t get sick the stronger my body feels. It likes those words and so do I.

I try to ignore the sky is falling chatter and pursue my birthright. I want to experience the love, joy and happiness that life has to offer. I am learning the brilliance in adhering to the laws of the Universe. By healing myself and facing fear I remove some darkness and restore some light to this world. I would imagine we all desire to live in our highest vibration with life force energy abound. I cannot help but believe we are united on this front.

Where we become separated is over taking action while ignoring intentions. We are oblivious to the fact we are holding different blueprints while we try to agree on the right tools to fix our world. We are in disbelief that the other cannot comprehend our logic. “How can they not see ours is the better way”? Often times we feel ours is the only way. And it is the only way when holding and studying our own blueprints. My blueprints, however, are very different than yours. Mine are made to assist me in finding my joy and discovering my soul purpose. To help me reach my highest self. Yours are made for your journey. Our blueprints are not interchangeable; they are specifically engineered to the individual. As I like to say, they are Divinely inspired perfection.

We often believe we are searching for truth when in reality we are seeking relief from our fear or justification for our actions. We do not trust and we do not see past the walls we have constructed to keep each other from seeing inside. Why? Because we do not love and respect our own worthiness. Many unconsciously build their lives around the opinion of others. I only feel I am good when you love and respect me. That is why I must win, I must be right, I must be kind, I must say the right words and do the right things. This wall was built to keep you from seeing anything beyond what I think you think is good about me. Meanwhile it is our souls crying out for our own love and acknowledgment, not anyone else’s.

To heal our divisions we need to accept each others perspective on the meaning of life. Some of us are following society’s laws and some adhere to the Laws of the Universe. These rules and beliefs collide as they represent two completely different worlds. The Universe made from love and light places truth and knowledge at the forefront of its “Why”. Society made from fear and the ego does not understand the difference between right and righteous. Society seeks control of what it fears where the Universe seeks expansion of what it is. Society reacts where the Universe creates. Societies “Why” is about victimhood and “Why”me. It’s about being done “to” as opposed to done “for”. The Universe is about gratitude and Why Not? It’s about abundance and exacting control over self not others. The Universe asks us to try and overcome the ego. Society is the ego and promises banishment, loneliness and shame to those who question its authority.



“The cost of giving is receiving” is a quote from A Course In Miracles. It is brilliant and speaks truth to so many different issues. The more grateful I am, the more I have to be grateful for. The more gratitude I express for my health, the more energy and better health I experience. The more gratitude I express for my food and shelter, the more satisfying and beautiful my home becomes. The more gratitude I extend in my relationships, the more loving and pleasing and trusting they become. In every single encounter if I set the right intention of respect or love or safety or whatever it is I desire, that expression will come back to me. “The cost of giving is receiving”.

The pursuit of happiness is deeply personal. There is no shame in seeking fulfilment. In fact how can we say we are living if we are not embracing that life force energy within? In losing all that society had to offer me, I discovered what it means to truly love. When the walls and the armour were removed, in the vulnerable nakedness I found the treasures I had spent a lifetime searching for.

I used to believe we all had a purpose that involved sacrifice or some offering to the world. I now see my purpose is to heal my relationship with myself and in doing so I heal my relationship with others. We unite in our healing and love, we separate in our sickness and fear.


A few months ago while reading the story of Genesis I had an epiphany. What if we were never physically removed from the garden of Eden? What if we closed ourselves off with a barrier built out of our guilt and shame for listening to the snake. The snake in the grass being the ego that is full of fear. Do I listen to the snakes lies about my brothers and sisters? Do I doubt myself and fall into helpless victimhood? The snakes marketing plan to try and take power and control from God was such a childish act of jealousy. Every day I have that choice, today do I follow my ego the snake?


Or do I awaken and hand my life over to the promise I was given from a loving God that said go play, learn, enjoy, love and unite with your friends. You are safe! I give you everything, you have nothing to worry about? Do I Learn, grow and evolve in peace or do I carry a sword slashing in anger at the inequity of it all? The ultimate victimhood, the ultimate insult. I am not God. When ironically the truth is, we are God. As we unite, as we forgive, as we extend only love we are in fact birthing the God within ourselves. We become our souls purpose, we become God, we become Love made tangible. Can you see and feel that promise? Made from Love, to extend love and become the vibration of love in a tangible form where we express the incredulous through the sensuous.

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