A Look Inside – You Are Not The Boss Of Me

February 22, 2021

FC5B07AE-3941-4682-B799-FA244A556DBD This is not just a memoir, it’s a study in perception. A chance to view the world through the mind of another. To ask what would I have done?

We have but one life to live. Do you exchange your soul for  societies approval? OR Do you finally silence the ego and listen to the Spirit within, the Spirit that has known you since birth?

This is my journey to finding my Higher Self, a journey that continues to get better with every lesson learned. I am not a victim, I am a free spirited, resilient and passionate Being of light. I now know without doubt our abundance and joy are found in following the heart and not the ego.

Chapter one and two ( title pages pictured below) are the early years.

The book rotates between past and present with the past in mostly chronological order. The idea of writing poems or prose as an intro to each chapter really did come out of thin air. I believe the majority were written by channeling which at the time was a new revelation for me.




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